If you manufacture products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and marketed in the European Union (EU), you are required by law to demonstrate that your equipment complies with the ATEX Directive and the applicable CE Marking requirements. Depending on the type of equipment and production, you have two options to choose from:  Certification or Unit Verification.

ATEX Certification

In many instances, EU-Type Examination certification by an ATEX Notified Body (NB) is required to demonstrate compliance. However, like all other EU Directives, the ATEX Directive allows Notified Bodies to subcontract testing and assessment activities to qualified test and certification bodies located outside the EU, such as QPS.

Typically, the certification process consists of the following steps:

  • Testing a sample of the product to the applicable EN standard
  • Conducting an assessment of the manufacturer’s quality system
  • Issuing a Type Test Report and Certificate
  • Issuing a Quality Assessment Notification (QAN) related to the quality assurance system

Unit Verification

You may use Unit Verification if you are shipping only one or a limited number of units to the EU. This service option involves examining the construction of the individual unit of equipment to verify it complies with ATEX specifications and the applicable EN standard, without being concerned about meeting quality assurance requirements. Examination and testing of the equipment by QPS is conducted at your location, or at any location designated by you.

How can QPS Help?

Being accredited in the International IECEx Scheme as a Test and Certification Body, and using our bilateral working agreements with European Notified Bodies, QPS can help you by doing all the required ATEX related work locally.

We provide a full and comprehensive CE Marking assistance service covering a menu of options you can choose from, depending on your specific needs and capability, as follows:

  • General consultation on the European Directives and CE Marking requirements.
  • Testing/evaluation to the applicable requirements of the ATEX Directive and the applicable EN standards, and issuance of the required reports.
  • Testing/evaluation to the requirements of all other applicable Directives (such as LVD, EMC, Machinery, etc.) and issuance of the required reports.
  • Assessment of your quality system to the requirements of the ATEX Directive, and issuance of the required Quality Assessment Notification (QAN).
  • Assisting in the preparation of the required technical dossier.
  • Obtaining a Notified Body EC Type Certificate, where applicable.