Welcome to
The 2023 IECEx/QPS International Conference

October 2-3, 2023
Marriott on the Falls, Niagara Falls, Canada

Proudly hosted by QPS, this important conference is organized under the auspices of the international IECEx System and is endorsed by the United Nations (through UN Economic Commission for Europe) and by the Standards Council of Canada.

Equipment used in hazardous locations (HazLoc) is subject to some of the world’s most extensive and stringent compliance related requirements. And as standards and regulations continue to change, the regulatory and compliance process for HazLoc equipment is becoming more complex than ever. This Conference brings together professionals from around the world to share with you their expertise and many years of hands-on experience in international standardization and conformity assessment activities related to HazLoc equipment and systems.

While the expression “learning from failure” may apply in some situations, when it comes to HazLoc compliance, the only motto that you need to remember is that “failing to plan means planning to fail”. Keeping this in mind, and as you can see from the Conference Program, the two-day event covers a variety of interesting and most pressing topics in the HazLoc regulatory and compliance industry.

From understanding how to classify areas for gas detection, to best practices for product design and development; to knowing what the regulatory requirements for your intended market are, to what the future holds in Hydrogen; participating manufacturers, designers and end users will …

  • Learn to plan the various steps in designing and building your HazLoc product for compliance with the various applicable standards and regulations
  • Learn about how to navigate international certification schemes for HazLoc equipment, and about new certification schemes being developed for new technology
  • Understand how to overcome challenges to meet the requirements of the various certification schemes in North America, the EU, the UK, and globally
  • Learn about new standards being applied in North America for efficient and timely on-site evaluation and certification of HazLoc equipment
  • Learn from experts in personnel certification the importance of having your key personnel trained and certified to ensure competency and safeguard your assets

NOTING that while the equipment may be hazardous, the conference is not! So, we invite you to Register today and come meet the experts and enjoy the view of the Falls!

Also note that registered participants qualify for a FREE one-hour consultation with one of our certification experts on a topic of your choosing related to certification or to standards.

If you need more information, visit our website https://www.qps.ca/2023iecexconference/ or contact qpsconference@qps.ca